Love Breathe Yoga

Adie Adie is a Dru Yoga/Meditation/Dance and Barre teacher. Love Breathe Yoga classes are carefully structured to promote optimum equilibrium within. Deeply set in ancient yogic tradition Dru is the perfect fix for a fast-paced life.

Adie will guide you through graceful and powerful sequences designed to build strength and flexibility in your body and mind, strengthen your core, improve postural alignment, relieve back pain, reduce stress, boost energy and encourage relaxation.

Dru is for everyBODY with classes suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

Chill out and find sanctuary away from a hectic mind with Dru Meditation. Learn to find clarity and focus quickly whatever state you’re in. Take time out from the daily grind to repair, reconstruct, rebuild, consolidate, breathe life, refresh, awaken.

Energetic, dynamic, invigorating and flowing Dru Dance is an exhilarating yoga and dance fusion choreographed to music. Benefits of regular practice will be improved muscle tone, suppleness, strength, core stability, concentration and energy levels. Learn Garuda, Sita Sharanam and Kanakadara dances and share the passion.

Bootybarre coming soon…

Love the life you live today.